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The Undercog Method

Undercog cycling is practical coaching for practical people, distilling the best of the cutting edge of modern exercise science, physiology, and proven racecraft experience.  Based in central Virginia, accessible anywhere.

  • Single-tier unlimited access

  • Same-day response time

  • WKO5 workout analysis & prescriptions

  • *In-presence support at events at no additional charge.

  • **Network of Coach George's associated coaches, fitters, nutritionists, and more.

* Currently limited to reasonable distance events within the Mid-Atlantic and long-distance events per special request.

**Expert referrals subject to case-by-case basis.

Coach George

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Coach George Qadado
USAC Level 2

Hi there! Welcome to my small, minority-owned business!

Growing up in the DC suburbs, I learned to ride a bicycle as a youth, but focused my time & energy on soccer and academic pursuits growing up.


As an adult at the ripe age of 20, I picked up the bicycle again as a way to gain fitness - but that just the beginning.  After moving to Richmond, VA to finish my undergraduate studies, I quickly became swept up in east coast bicycle messenger culture, eventually racing at the famous Redhook Criterium in Brooklyn, and became a  self-supported face in the road & track scene around the Mid-Atlantic.

Within a few years, and, with plenty of hard work and tough lessons, I've made my way to some of the most prestigious road and track cycling events in the US and have helped others become better athletes along the way.

I am passionate about being the youngest Level 2 USAC coach in America.

To me, being a coach brings together 100% of my acumen and  passion, meshing both my love for the sport with my background as a career data analyst.

Are you a student? A parent? Perhaps another kind of unconventional athlete?

Cycling can often present itself as an elitist and exclusive sport.

My coaching style is Practical & specific -

My custom approach is designed to get you ready for YOUR event!

So, are you an Undercog?

Contact me today.

Free 30-minute consultations available for coaches & athletes

UCC Athletes ride for

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