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Individual Coaching

Coach George offers one primary product for individual athletes - Unlimited access coaching.


*sliding scale pricing available for collegiate racers

What sets me apart from other coaches? - No bullshit, no tiers, no limits on contact or time.  Call me, text me, anything that's convenient.

I always respond back same day.  Your passion in executing the work drives my passion to guide you.

In 2023, Coach George Qadado is the youngest Category 2 coach in America.

Coaching is a luxury and we are currently in a national & global recession.  This is the truth.

Your time and your resources are VALUABLE to you - and to me.

If you are reading this, you are already a smart athlete, potentially shopping around for a good coaching solution & personal fit.

We welcome free consultations.  Always.

Individual Coaching includes:

  • Weekly workout programming in TrainingPeaks

  • Unlimited contact
  • Coach George offers premium, firsthand coaching for cycling and weightlifting
    • Can also advise athletes cross-training with:

      • Running

      • Swimming

      • *SkiMo

      • *Yoga

      • *Rock climbing & bouldering

  • No upcharge to support you at your event. (*Within reasonable distance to Mid-Atlantic).

  • No contracts.
  • Personalized plan - No two athletes are the same; I don't program any two athletes the same, nor should you settle for a standard
    'Coach's method'!

Especially if you are:

  • Based in or near the Mid-Atlantic (or elsewhere!)

  • A racer in multiple disciplines

  • A new or experienced athlete alike

  • Focused on practical, applicable coaching that complements a normal lifestyle

  • Interested in a coach who is an active, passionate elite racer and not simply a retired pro or a coach focused on theoretical research

  • An Underdog in real life! (And you possibly got 'that dawg' in you.....)

Let's talk!

*Group Rate, Junior & Collegiate Coaching

For athletes training & racing together on the same Club, Team, or other association....

Competitive & sliding scale pricing available for juniors**


*Minimum 2 members

Coach George's 'Training Tuple' Program:

  • Customized training plan designed to get you to engage in consistent structured training with a teaammate - or more!

    • Focus on individual roles within a squad, team planned events & races, and all related planning & considerations.

  • Same benefits as Individual plans

  • Squad video conferencing & group ride coaching

  • *Discount on Undercog Cycling-offered BRP clinics (TBD)***

Interested in getting your club or team coached? Let's talk!



*Pick my ear for up to an hour - seriously!

Coach George does not pursue writing academic papers, publishing pedantic podcasts, or endorse packaging good fundamental knowledge behind a paywall & branding -
Though I can certainly point you towards coaches that do these
things all day, every day...

Please don't go to /r/velo and expect intelligence for God's sake.......

Drop me an email today!

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